Mothers Day-One Week Overdue

Being that I came home a week after Mother's Day, my mom and I decided to celebrate it one Sunday later than the rest of the world. So the cake I made her for "Mother's Day" was a white cake from this recipe on epicurious with a little added lemon zest folded in after mixing. I loved the result, especially with lemon curd filling and whipped vanilla icing. I also tried out the "ombre petal" technique for the first time, which is very time consuming, but looks so cute and nice in the end. 

To create petals, pipe dots with a large round tip and use a small offset spatula to press halfway into the dot and drag it out along the surface of the cake. Pipe the next column after dragging the whole previous one, piping in the center of the previous petals. 
And she loved it, Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful Mom.

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