An (almost) non-food catch up: June in California

I love the month of June. June is the not-too-hot beginning of summer's heat. June holds the excitement of summer. In June, the rest of the year feels so far away. No need to worry about packing bags, saying goodbyes, or the threat of august just around the corner. June is perfect. 
1. Camilo Beach, San Pedro, Ca

Took a nice overnight getaway trip with Luis and his parents to San Pedro, where we stayed in a nice, safe hotel room on the navy base equipped with a supplied kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Let's just say I wouldn't mind moving in for longer than one night. 

We explored the tide-pools at Camilo Beach, venturing across unstable rocks and seaweed swarmed with bugs that left us with bites on our legs. The water was chilly and as the tide got higher, I was a little too daring and got pelted with a wave that threw rocks into my legs, but that's ok because I guess it's not really an adventure if you don't come out without a couple scrapes, bruises, and a story to tell. 

We ate two meals in San Pedro. Dinner was eaten at Ports O' Call, a seafood restaurant overlooking the harbor located in Ports O' Call village. We ate shrimp, seared tuna, pasta, mussels, and basically had a feast while watching huge boats cruise by, listening to live music, and betting on whether a seagull would dare to steal some food from a couple eating outside. 
The next morning we had breakfast at Rex's, a cute cafe with some healthy options to make us feel better about our previous meal. My favorite part was the bowl of fruit that came with each plate.

2. Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, Ca
My first visit to an aquarium where we touched sharks, starfish, anemone, stingrays, and anything else we could get our hands on.  

Right after I took this picture, I was nearly attacked by the bird. I didn't use flash, but I guess he didn't think that he was very photogenic. In my opinion, he is, and the sheer panic of having a bird fly at your face was worth the shot.

3. Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Ca

I love having the opportunity to visit military beaches. They're clean and make me feel safe. Here we had a nice picnic, hiked out on the rocks for hours, and ended the day with Hill Street Cafe. If you are looking for fresh vegetables and herbs at a local restaurant, I found your dream come true. They grow everything in a garden right outside the restaurant and have fresh juice, fish and vegan options. Not to mention you can order off the sushi bar's menu located right next door. One word: yum

4. Huntington Beach, Ca

My favorite part about going to Huntington is getting there early in the morning when skies are overcast and the only people there besides you are the surfers. 

Hopefully no one minds a personal post (almost) free of food, but with all the pictures I took so far this summer, I couldn't resist.

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