Catch up: California to Rhode Island

The past week has been..busy. Between flying across the country to go back to school, remembering how to make lattes at work, re-moving into my apartment (I say that because of the ridiculous amount of rearranging, organizing, shopping, and cleaning I've done in the past few days). The good news is: on the long plane ride from California to Rhode Island, I managed to go through practically every file on my laptop and a good chunk of my book. I also remembered how much I like the people I work with. And as for my apartment, it's close to being comfortable again. I must say, the dry desert heat I'm used to is nothing like the storms + humidity of Rhode Island. The weather might be taking a toll on me (and my hair) more than the three hour time difference. Change is....hard work.

The perks of moving back: Mango Salad
Haven't gone grocery shopping yet, guess we have to go out to veggie fun for dinner. It only makes sense.

I'm hoping school will not effect the frequency of my posts (as moving did). With early hours being a coffee slave turning into afternoons/nights of baking labs, I promise to do my best to make time for blogging. The following changes to post content will probably be made:
-simple new vegan adventures
-a documentation of what I learn in class
I begin advanced artisan breads class on the 10th. I feel ready and not ready simultaneously. Lets just say I desperately need to read up on my notes from my intro breads class. I can't believe I didn't get to baking yeasted bread all summer. It almost saddens me. Oh, all I hope is that I get back into the swing of 6 hour labs easily, my fingers are crossed and I'd appreciate if you cross yours as well.

Ding! Time to hit my books and punch my dough.

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