More Macarons: Mint Chocolate & Wild Orange Edition

If there is anything I took advantage of this summer at home, is almonds. Whole almonds, almond milk, almond butter, and of course-almond flour. 
I feel like I've come so far with french macarons, but there is always room for improvement with them. I've lost track on the amount of times I've made these guys, but at least I'm to the point of knowing the technique enough to experiment with flavor. With that being said: 
Behold! Mint infused ganache. 
How do you make ganache? Scald 1 part heavy cream and pour over a bowl of 1 part chocolate chips. So to achieve mint ganache, I picked some fresh mint from the garden, washed it off, and steeped it in the cream for a good 30 minutes and let me tell you, the flavor was on point. Minty, but not mouthwash minty..just perfect. 

To notch it up a bit, here are orange macaron shells with wild orange doTERRA essential oil infused ganache:

 For the shells: add the zest of one orange to the dry ingredients after sifted is completed. Fold in meringue as usual.

For the ganache: Scale equal parts heavy cream and chocolate out. Bring the heavy cream to a scald and pour over a medium bowl of chocolate chips, add essential oil as desired OR steep orange peels in hot heavy cream for 30 minutes, strain, and pour over chocolate. 

*the specks on the shells are due to the type of almond flour I used from Trader Joe's. Seems to me that the almonds must have not been blanched before grinding. This thankfully did not have an effect on the texture of the macarons.

For my favorite french macaron recipe: click here

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