Sugar Artistry: Fish Showpiece

 Upon entering pastry school, sugar class has also been intimidating for me, at least from the outside looking in. I mean come on, 2 showpieces using completely foreign substances and techniques, 9 days of a practical exam in comparison to 1 or 2, and having your final grade rely on you carrying your 2-3 foot tall sugar showpiece down the hall and onto a display table. 
A year ago I wouldn't have believed I would be saying this, but I honestly really enjoyed this may have even been my favorite so far.

Sugar is temperamental like you wouldn't believe. Cook it too far-you have caramel, don't stay clean-it crystallizes, splash hot sugar on you-it burns (bad), add too much color-it's sticky, overheat set sugar-it melts, underheat set sugar-it shatters, forget a step-it's fatal. There are so many rules and guidelines to follow, but once you understand it, (of course this always happens by day 7 or 8 out of 9) sugar is actually pretty cool and fun to work with. Besides, who wouldn't enjoy a class where you get to play with sugar, blow torches, airbrushes, color, and molds? I can't be the only one.

100% sugar

120% effort

40% fear

 80% enjoyment/amazement

 20% frustration

Worth it.

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