Entremets & Petits Gateaux

Cake: 1-3 sponge cake layers + a filling, taller than 2-3"
Tortes: Shorter, denser, multi layers of cakes & fillings, refined decorations, no higher than 2"
Entremets: 2" in height, modern/refined decoration, sponge cake may be replaced with other components capable of structure, traditional fillings are replaced with inserts (stabilized creams)
Petits Gateaux: small version of an entremet (1 serving size)

This class was an adventure.
After having an artisan breads and sugar artistry mindset, being told to make an anglaise for a mousse was like a distant memory. It took some time to pull myself from thinking about the the temperature that yeast thrives and the temperature isomalt should be cooked to, into...the temperature at which gelatin melts and sets.

But, like anything pastry related, I adapted, and here are the outcomes of nine days of mousse, glazes, inserts, going in and out of the freezer, and tempering chocolate for the 50th time:

Chocolate Mousse Entremet & Petit Gateaux:
Chocolate glaze
Chocolate cream insert
Chocolate mousse interior
Chocolate cake base

Raspberry Bavarian Entremet & Petit Gateaux:
Raspberry mirror glaze
Raspberry bavarian
 Vanilla cake insert
Raspberry bavarian
Fresh Raspberries
Raspberry marmelade
Vanilla cake base

Citrus Petite Gateaux:
Lemon french macaroon
Vanilla Bean Glaze
Lemon curd
Vanilla sponge cake
Lime mascarpone mousse
Lime Financier

Chocolate Mudslide Entremet & Petite Gateaux:
Chocolate spray
Vodka chantilly
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate cake + kahlua syrup
Bailey's white chocolate ganache
Rise krispy crunch base 

Tiramisu Entremet and Petits Gateaux:
Chocolate discs
Coffee soaked ladyfingers
Chantilly and mascarpone mousse
Sable breton 

Raspberry Bavarian Entremet & Petite Gateaux (Practical)

Passion Fruit Entremet:
Passion fruit mirror glaze
Vanilla cake
Passion fruit parfait interior
Japonaise base

Homework Entremet:
Mystery Basket Ingredient=Honey
Modeled after the Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashanah, where honey is a staple ingredient to the Jewish New Year's common foods: Challah (traditionally made with & dipped in honey) and apples and pomegranates as"new fruits"( fruits that are just coming into season in the fall months).

Next class: Specialty Cakes

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  1. So fun! I saw your images randomly on Google and knew immediately that you went to JWU as well!


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