10 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Christmas

Today is the 15th of December and I can't believe there are only 10 days till Christmas!!

There is so much I need to do in the way of gift giving (something I procrastinate every year). But more importantly, I need to break out my suitcases from the black hole in my closet and pack my winter gear cause I'm going home for Christmas!! (feel free to sing that phrase, as I just did while writing it).

I'm majorly procrastinating right now by writing this post, as I should be doing my assigned readings for Intro to Food Writing class, but while reading the section on blogging, I think it's appropriate to put the book down for a blog post.
Besides, I can't stop thinking about everything I want to do when I get home, I keep telling myself, "write that down!" "make a list!" so finally, my 10 things I'm looking forward to this Christmas list:

I still do have a few assignments due during break (downside of trimesters vs semesters), but the whole free time and not waking up at 5:30am for class sounds like music to my ears.

2. Accomplishing my goal of taking pictures and writing every day + being more active on my blog.
(This is so hard to do when I have to worry about getting assignments done within the 3 hours of time I have between work and class) I constantly think about how much I'm disappointing myself and readers by realizing that I hardly post, which was not my motive when I started this blog.

3. Baking Christmas goodies for all
What's christmas without sugar, spice, and everything nice?
A small bit of the massive army of gingerbread army I made last year (Christmas 2012)

4. Reading until my eyes fall out.
My goal: 4 books and many, many blog posts.

5. Meeting my 2 baby cousins!
Well, my aunt had the 'Luckey' twins this past September and I've been across the country from them, only interacting with multiple pictures that make me sing a chorus of 'oohs' and 'awes'.
But I will finally get to meet and visit them in a week!
(here's a picture taken by my aunt, because words cannot do enough justice towards my excitement about meeting these two little penguins:

6. Being back in California with warmth of family and just warmth alone.
It's only mid-december and I'm already growing tired of 15 degree temperatures, even if the snow is pretty (at least when you don't have to venture through it to get home from work at 10:00pm.)

7. Arts and crafts!! 
Beware: The forecast for the next two weeks consists of paint splattered arms, legs, clothing, and furniture. 

8. Looking more closely into apartments for Spring of 2014.
I'm moving to Northern California for my internship at Bacano Bakery, which is both exciting and scary for me. If I can find a secure place to live then a HUGE chunk of the scariness will go away.

9. Visiting with California originated Eat Coast Friends
(or in simpler terms: friends that I have made at school in Rhode Island who live very close to me back home in California)

10. Spending time with my bffs (best furry friends)
Because life really is better with dog(s), and I miss them terribly. 

Time for me to get back to homework (sigh)
But first:
What are you looking forward to this Christmas?

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