The Final Lab: Plated Desserts

That is it, I've made it. 

I've made 9 days worth of plated desserts and I've made it through the trimester. 
There's a lot of students who get this far and reminisce on the last day they will button up the difficult white chef coat, stained with Guittard from chocolate's class, raspberry puree from that one time in Hot and Cold Desserts that they thought it was possible to make a mess-free raspberry sorbet, and that yellow smudge on the bottom of my right sleeve from the time lemon curd burst out from the top of the bag in Cake class.

Oh yes, I guess that was me. 

There's other's who feel a sense of relief that they will no longer struggle with putting on their green pastry collar upside down, turning it right side up again, and realize that they had it the right way to begin with. 

Again, me. 

There's also some people who put their arm in the air and scream "victory!" and dance to Come on Eileen in their kitchen while making a celebratory spaghetti dinner over the fact that they got through the trimester without swinging a punch at the moodiest classmates or sticking their tongue out at the unfairest of chefs. 

Also me. 

(I would have mentioned "without injuring themselves all too badly", but unfortunately this last class ruined that one for me (but I'll touch on that another time).

For now, here's a peak at the desserts I made with (probably) the best partner I've had in any class thus far. Thankful about that. 

Spiced poached pear, dried cranberry compote, cinnamon ice cream, tuile cookie, poaching liquid reduction sauce, and roasted pistachios.

Earl grey tea custard, vanilla bean caramel sauce, lace cookie, orange segments, and spun sugar.

Mocha cheesecake, hazelnut crust, banana's foster sorbet in a chocolate cup, mango sauce, chocolate truffle, and caramel hazelnut spikes. 

Espresso chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, strawberry balsamic ice cream, cannoli shell, basil sauce, and a chocolate leaf.

Chocolate chai mousse 'entremet', pumpkin sherbet, orange spiced chantilly cream, cinnamon anglaise, rum ball, and tuile cookie.

(Starbucks inspired) meaning I spend way too much time around these flavors at work, but for the better. (For ex: chocolate chai latte, pumpkin spice latte, cinnamon dolce etc.) 

Mystery basket dessert ingredients=cranberry and black pepper
Orange cake roll filled with black pepper/hazelnut cream, port wine and peppercorn sauce, gingersnap cookie, cranberry sorbet, and sugared cranberries.

"It looks like Christmas!" A classmate told me.
"It tastes like Christmas!" She said again after trying my swiss roll.

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