Next Up: New Recipes

Step 1: Fly from RI to CA (check!)
Step 2: Drive from Southern CA to Northern CA (check!)
Step 3: Settle into my new apartment (check!)
Step 4: Complete my first day of work (check!)
****Step 5****: Start the blog back up with new recipes (checking off tomorrow!)
Northern CA is so different from any lifestyle I would have ever imagined.
-Coffee shops offer almond milk.
-No plastic, just paper.
-Farmers markets just about every day of the week.
-Coconut oil is commonly used for food + body.
-People walk/run and bike everywhere.
-Green grass, green trees, green everything (this isn't the desert anymore, nor is it the snow-white -Rhode Island).
-Relaxed personalities.
-Yoga studios on every corner.
-The list continues..but either way, 
I'm in. 

However, a few downsides I've noticed:
-Not a fan of street parking/paying for parking/2 hour parking.
-Houses are very close together (unlike home where everyones yard is half an acre).
-At times I feel weary about my safety.
-Not as many public ocean beaches.
-Higher tax (face it, everything is more expensive here).
-How do you recycle the right way again? 
-I'm kind of lonely to be honest, I miss my friends.
But it's ok, I'll live. 

Stay on the lookout for chocolate chia seed pudding, an experiment thickening in my refrigerator tonight!

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