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Summer kicked off with fireworks, making waves down the Pacific Ocean's current. Not literal fireworks, but the metaphorical ones that light flames in my heart with enough warmth to heal every wound and banish all my scars from the inside-out. 

There's something about reuniting, both with people and the world. 
There's something about seeing someone for the first time in a very long time, having to squint your eyes, or even rub into them with clenched fists, to make yourself believe that what you are seeing is real. There's something about running into open arms, hugging, kissing, laughing, and wearing smiles that you forgot you had tucked deep between other expressions in your closet. 

The world is another story entirely. I haven't seen much of it to speak credibly, but only enough to speak in sincerity and wonder. I've seen states of blue skies, cities, towns, and moving cars through the window of an airplane. I have yet to lay eyes on the land of a foreign country and the waters surrounding them. But I have wiggled my toes in all corner's of California's pacific current. I've earned bruises from rocks that weren't designed for climbing and reached my hands up in achievement and victory for every time I felt like, if I tried, I could be larger than the life around me.

There's something about looking out at the ocean, 5 foot tall, beside a 1,000 foot cliff, while feeling everything but small. And it's the feeling of being larger than life, that I will always hold onto, that I will never forget.

Luis and I joined hands together, after 80 days of waiting. 
Then, I packed every last belonging of mine into the back of my tiny Ford Focus, filled my gas tank, and set out to explore the treasures of Highway 1.
Words cannot do justice in describing how incredible this trip has been, but I did take plenty of pictures to capture the way we felt and to fill in every last blank in the silence between the breaking of waves, the shouts of seagulls, and the crack of smiles as the sun sets, the sand softens, and the water calms "slowly, and then all at once."
Ps: I promise I'll be back..with food.

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