2014: A Year in Review

Every year on January 1st, we promise ourselves that this will be the year, my year. If, for a moment, I am able to hold the earth with two hands and rewind it's circular motion to look back at all that happened in 2014, then I would like to do just that. 

My year began with a heavy heart and the fear of saying goodbye to everything I knew and had become accustomed to. In February, I dressed up to dance off my worries and found a light to follow when I was given a beautiful ring and a promising future with Ingrid Michaelson singing in the background. I held that light close as I shivered one last time and ventured to become my own person in a brand new place during the warming months of springtime. I learned to navigate myself. I was pretty quick to jump on the "go green" wagon and now I don't think I'll ever fall off. I read so many books at a small beach in Oakland that quickly became my home away from home. My blog became "a thing" that my friends began to share it with their friends. Luis and I celebrated 3 years from opposite sides of the country, and eventually, reunited. We hiked to the top of mountains, watches sunsets from the top of a rock, and went on an adventure down the coast. I have so much love for the time we spend traveling with the ocean's current and all I wish for every day is to relive the moments we spent together living out of my car for an entire week. My favorite hour of the year was spent running barefoot in the cold sand during sunset at Pismo Beach. I won't forget rolling onto the freeway in Santa Barbara whilst dancing our heart out to Youth by Foxes. To quote my favorite book of the year, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, "And in that moment, I swear we were infinite." Summer came and went far too quickly. I spent a lot of my time indoors, fighting a war against myself. Meanwhile, I volunteered at a farm and ate a lot of vegetables. My kitchen overflowed with a rainbow of the earth and I even had a few nightmares about swiss chard and tomatoes going rancid. I ran, ran, and ran through a park that made me forget my whereabouts until I fell and banged up my knee. I spent 4 days in bed where I took a break from the world. In September, the leaves started to turn colors and I was slowly able to move without gimping. I occupied my mind completely with school and work. I only took a break for my 20th birthday and the weekend before halloween. Tired was an understatement. A week off for Thanksgiving got me back on my feet and I finally found myself making friends with my cat, who I nicknamed Meatball. I started winter trimester with nothing but California on my mind. And now I am here, with a year of all of these memories that I must keep locked up from being rewritten. 

Here, I will let go of the earth and allow it to keep spinning, because that is what we do. We see the world move, and then we move with it. The clock is ticking toward 2015 and taking the batteries out will not force time to stop no matter how hard we try. Truth is, in 2014 I learned that fear of the unknown frightens me, but it's accompanying adrenaline excites me.As the year we are in right now tiptoes right past us, I will brace for the new beginning we all hope to find, new memories blank and ready for creation, and work toward the resolution I have made every year since high school: to keep fighting, grow stronger, and stand tall.

Happy New Years Eve and thank you to everyone who stood by and rode along with me during the past year. I'm off to celebrate, so hold onto your memories, stay safe, and countdown the clock to 2015. 
See you next year 

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