When in Costa Rica...

Hello from Costa Rica~~~~
I've been away from the kitchen for a little while now, so I thought that I would share a little bit about where "away" really is. 

I'm currently traveling the depths of Costa Rica where the howler monkeys wake your from your sleep at sunrise and the night brings fiestas rained out by continuous thunderstorms. Somewhere between conversing with locals, hiking through the muddy trails of the rainforest setting camera traps for conservation studies, and tasting arabica coffee from it's original source, I've found time to post a few photos! 

For any of my readers who know the Costa Rica Provinces, here's where I've visited/done so far:

1. Downtown San Jose 
2. Tortuguero National Park, Limón
3. La Tirimbina Biological Reserve, Sarapiquí, Heredia

Flooded walkway? No problem.
Sugar Cane Juice

In order of photographs: Downtown San Jose --- Evergreen Lodge, Tortuguero --- Totuguero National Park ---  Tirimbina Biological Reserve, Sarapiquí --- Hotel La Quinta de Sarapiquí --- Horseback Tour, Sarapiquí --- Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour, Cariblanco, Sarapiquí --- Organic Paradise (Pineapple) Tour, La Virgen de Sarapiquí

Keep a watchful eye out; there's more to come..
(And I'll be back with more recipes later this month).

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