Costa Rica's Pacific Ocean

First and foremost, I would like to make an announcement to those of you I promised some sort of card/postcard to. If you are reading this, I am asking you to please keep hope that the postcards I have sent nearly 5 weeks ago will eventually arrive in your mailbox. I'm not entirely sure how Costa Ricans handle their mail, perhaps by foot. All I know is that I am a bit frustrated to learn that a stack of carefully planned post cards are floating in the stream of postal service networks-somewhere-but really, who knows where. 

Anyway--now that my woeful explanation is over with--here is a post dedicated to the beautifully constructed white-sand beaches along Costa Rica's Pacific coastline. I will never forget the way we greeted one another. I hoisted myself on the edge of a rock and let the waves crash into my skin, bones, and charcoal grey t-shirt. I sat there calling the waves back to me as if I were guiding planes to a landing strip. I was drenched and dripping with freedom. My lips smirked with a glaze of saltwater and my heart was as full as the daytime moon. This is the story of how we met, and though I had to go, I will always dream of my fingertips skimming the summer current of Costa Rica's waters like it was just yesterday. 

Beaches pictured: 
Playa Mantas, Herradura, Costa Rica
Parque Natcional Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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