The Things I Didn't Do Today, and the Things I Did.

Wait a moment, are you telling me I get to set my clock back one hour? Does this mean that I actually get a day with 25 hours instead of the usual, short 24 hours I have to work with?

While many of my friends and family members are raving about the extra hour of sleep they get on the morning of November 1st, I'm jumping up and down at the idea of having one more hour of productivity. This estranged thought pops into my head nearly every year (in addition to: "eh, if I want a cookie at 10pm, then I can have a cookie because it's really only 9pm). ---I hope you have enjoyed that brief look into the thoughts of Jess.

Who's with me when I say that 24 hours in a day is not enough!!!

I had some time off this weekend. When something as rare as this occurs, I try to take full advantage of every spare minute, while giving myself little time to breathe. I recognize that doing this causes me to not really have a day "off" at all. However, when I spend a day not doing much at all, I start to feel resentful in the fact that I let a whole 24 hours go to waste. I'm slowly transitioning into finding a balance of doing the things that need to be done and not stressing out about the things in which I did not do.

During my time off this weekend, here are:

All The Things I Didn't Do 
  • put together a costume and make an appearance at my friend's halloween party
  • test a new recipe for this blog
  • make my bed 
  • study for my Spanish test 
  • walk around the woods on halloween 

Instead of dwelling over that list, I'd like to focus on a new one called: 

The Things I Did
  • attended opening night for a film festival 
  • applied for multiple jobs and followed up on an interview
  • went on a run, went to the gym, and did yoga
  • carved a pumpkin 
  • wore my skeleton shirt in lieu of a halloween costume 
  • baked cookies for fun with my new cookie cutter (without writing down a recipe)
  • went grocery shopping 
  • bought a new pair of pants to replace a ripped pair 
  • cleaned my kitchen and vacuumed the carpet
  • completed my first food prep shift at work 
  • finished a project for a class
  • cooked dinner for myself two days in a row 
  • finished a drawing 
  • subscribed to a few courses on Highbrow
  • scanned some of my artwork in preparation for a start on Society 6
  • pretended I knew how to play guitar for ten minutes
  • slept past 8:00am
  • wrote this post 
The fun Halloween cookies I made, ft. my skeleton shirt.
A nice view of fall on my run.
My view before work on November 1st.
I'm pleased to see that my list of accomplishments significantly outweighs my list of incompetencies. This makes me feel a little better about awaking into my Monday morning. 

It is currently 8:00pm on Sunday night and I am proud to admit that I spent today's extra hour....asleep. Goodnight all. 

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