(Another) Graduation Post

I know this isn't the first picture you've seen of someone you know smiling their face off in a cap and gown whilst holding an (empty) diploma case. But guys, I GRADUATED COLLEGE (and made it official by walking across a stage)! 

As you may have guessed, this post is about to get pretty sappy. 

This is the part where I list the people I'm thankful for and couldn't have done it without. 
The part where I say that it felt like just yesterday when I was moving into my Freshman dorm. 
The part where I tell you how the past 4 years have shaped me into the person I am today. 

Let's be real here. 
The past 4 years were tough. 
Young and ignorant 17 year-old me convinced my parents to let me pack my bags and fly across the country for 4 years. What were they thinking? When the romance of a new life wore off, I began to feel like a stranger wandering a foreign planet. Winter winds were cold, and then they were REALLY cold. It's true: "You can always spot a Californian in New England." 

It took time, but I gradually taught myself how to walk in snow. The trick is, if you bend your knees a little, take short steps, and walk flat-footed, you won't slip. I also caught onto this cool thing that starts to happen after March - the snow melts, the trees flower, and people get happier. 

College wasn't all about surviving winter. It was about discovering who I was and who I wanted to be. (It's also about earning the right to speak words so melodramatic).

During my junior year, I started a small journal where every entry began, Here are some beautiful things... (I've mentioned this before on my blog). This project was all about finding small things worth living for. Writing down 5, 2, or even 1 single beautiful thing changed my outlook on Providence, the people around me, and myself. Though I no longer feed this journal with fresh ink, I still do my best to take note of the beautiful details. 

Without further ado: Here are some beautiful things.. (post college addition)
- Developing the courage to move forward
- The ease provided by a newly adapted minimalistic approach to life 
- Seeing your work published on a site besides your own 
- Meeting new people
- Rain in California 
- Palms swaying in the breeze
- Watching people reunite at the airport 
- The excitement of anticipation 
- Getting well deserved sleep 
- The invincibility of Friday 

Thanks, college. You may have put me into a debt I don't wish to discuss, but you also taught me how to get by on very little. You taught me how to manage my time. You taught me to conquer shyness. You introduced me to black coffee, veganism too.You got me writing. You taught me to travel; you took me to Costa Rica. You introduced me to people who changed my life. And you changed mine.

Sentimental post: complete.

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