The Coffee in a Cone Experiment

I once applied to a job at Baskin Robbins. I was in high school at the time and I thought that scooping ice cream into cones for the adolescents and soccer moms in the town of Apple Valley would be a pretty good gig. I didn't get the job. Heck, I don't even think I got an interview. I suppose I wasn't made to scoop ice cream into sprinkle coated waffle cones. Now, years after I came to terms with this, I tried to prove the manager, who probably lost my poor application in a mess of ice cream related paperwork on a sticky wooden desk in the back room (or so I imagine), that she was wrong for   passing me up. For not only can I preset a gorgeous scoop of cookies and cream, but I can also pour coffee into waffle cones...

...kind of.

Coffee in a cone is 'a thing' over in Johannesburg, South Africa. I recently wrote an article all about it for Food Hacks Daily that covers the trend. By trend, I mean that nearly 2,000 Instagram users shot an "artsy" picture with their iPhone and tagged it #coffeeinacone. This was enough to convince me that I too could acquire my very own photo of coffee in a cone to hashtag on my Instagram account. 

As cool as it would have been, I can't drop everything to travel to Africa for a picture of coffee in a cone. However, with access to an espresso machine through work and great co-workers to help me out, I got my picture all right (oh, but I definitely "dropped" something in the process). 

I spent a Sunday morning dipping waffle cones. I took my time. They were perfect. Colorful. Ready to be poured into. They would make history.

I packed up my perfect little cones and brought them to work, where the magic would happen. Magic happened alright. Magic that could have been avoided by me reading through an article before pouring lattes into a cone. If I had done my research, I would have known to coat the inside of the cone entirely before pouring any sort of liquid in. I also wouldn't have found myself laughing hysterically at the mess we made outside of the Intelligentsia Roast Works.

I regret nothing.

Coffee in a Cone, A Poem
Picture this,
a golden shot of espresso
dripping like honey
from a beautiful La Marzocco

a steamy pitcher of whole milk.
your go-to cup of coffee
served in your your favorite vessel
childhood, meet adulthood.

Until it disintegrates
in the palm of your hands
and you watch coffee drip
on your clean, white vans

call it coffee roadkill
call it an artful spill
call it for one brief moment,
a coffee in a cone.

Adults don't cry over spilled milk, but man do they swear like a sailor over a spilled cup of coffee.

*Special thanks to Sarah, Courtney, and Art for sacrificing the cleanliness of their shoes to pour latte cones with me. 

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