Black Tea Wedding Cake

A few weeks ago, I stayed up later than usual, past the time when bars in LA make their last call on a Saturday night, to bake a cake, a lot of cake. I baked so much cake that I ran short on a few ingredients and had to go on an egg-hunt just past midnight. I remember standing in line, the man in front of me was paying the cashier for a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a bottle of red wine, and the couple behind me was waiting to pay for their 12-pack of beer (although I'm pretty sure they didn't need more). Meanwhile, I unloaded my basket full of eggs, 2 pounds of butter, 4 pounds of powdered sugar, and a bottle of kombucha to reward myself for successfully getting through the late night shopping trip. I did get carded for the kombucha, because apparently that's a thing now, so I guess I can say I purchased an adult beverage that Saturday night. I also drank my "adult beverage" in the car on my way home from the store, because I'm just that audacious. 

Once the cakes were baked, I jumped straight into bed and slept for a few hours before an early wake up call for a morning run and a little last-minute cake supply purchase. Then, it was just a matter of packing cake, flowers, a few necessary tools, and my camera into the car for delivery to Millwick, a gorgeous venue in the Arts District of Los Angeles. 

I took the drive there slow and steady, my heart beating rapidly with the unfinished cakes tucked gently into their boxes in the back seat of my car. I arrived nervous, but forced myself to take the task on as confidently as possible. I'm small and I'm pretty sure if I paid someone at a county fair to guess my age they would say 16 and I would, in turn, receive a stuffed bear of some sort. Therefore, I've got nothing but my demeanor to prove that I am mature and professional. The catering team cleared a station in the kitchen for me to work and I immediately found myself in a state of calmness. Passion poured over my veins as I trimmed the flowers and arranged them onto a cake. It all felt so natural, like dancing a graceful dance.

She's a beauty. A two-tiered, ranuncula-covered beauty. This cake is an earl grey variation of this black tea cake I posted back in January. This time around, I filled the layers with raspberry preserves and iced the outside with lavender-vanilla bean buttercream. See those little specks on the outside? That would be the lavender buds peeking through. I'm also completely in love with how the anemones and blackberries complement one another. They are without a doubt, my favorite flower on the cake!

Once again, if you are looking for the recipe I used for this cake, it can be found here


I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I'm looking forward to creating many more sweet victories.

Until then, xoxo, 
Little Baker Jess

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