Oregon 2017

I'm sitting here in my Los Angeles apartment listening to the new Fleet Foxes album, and trying to find the right words to describe my trip to Oregon. Magical, I think, is the best adjective. I've been longing to walk on pacific northwest territory for years, and I finally made it to Portland. I sat behind the wheel of a little blue jeep renegade and set out to explore Multnomah Falls, Canon Beach, Saddle Mountain, and Portland itself. My days went a little bit like this: run on the beach, drink coffee, hike, eat vegan food, hike more, drink more coffee, eat more vegan food, and hike some more. It's possible my final trail run in Forest Park destroyed my knees, but that's what I get for deciding to climb 3 miles up a mountain just a few hours before my flight. Long story short, I ran downhill and haven't been able to bend my knees without cringing in pain ever since. The good news: I allowed myself just enough time for a quick stop at Voodoo Donuts on my way to the airport to spoil my roommate with an obnoxiously sugary rainbow of donuts. Worth it. ~

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