It's Been a Minute

Actually, it's been a year and some. I didn't mean to abandon anyone, but I did intend to take some extra time off screens and the hindering feeling of forced content creation. Instead, I took some time to find inspiration elsewhere. To explore new hobbies, to cook and bake for the pure love of it, and to take photos that live in my hard drive unseen by the rest of the internet, and let me tell you, that all feels really damn good. 

I must admit, I took a job where screens are unavoidable and recipe development is literally a part of my title, which did influence my choice to distance myself from this blog. However, I feel I have the blog to thank for the job that I have and will continue to refer to as 'a dream.' It's a catch 22. 

Perhaps I'll jump back into creating my own recipes here soon. Honestly, in my spare time away from Kodiak Cakes recipe development, I've been enjoying digging through the cookbooks on my bookshelf or the blogs pinned to my favorites. They're an escape into another creator's mind and I feel it's important to take a break from your own recipes and play a bit with another's. 

If there's anything that this blog has given me aside from the eagerness to design and photograph new recipes, it's the freedom to write. I've been struggling to relocate my way with words, so please be easy on me throughout this post. Anyhow, if there's any core reason why I would choose to return, it would be to rediscover my voice within words. While I'm at it, maybe I'll share some of the photos or recipes I've been hiding. We'll see. 

In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with something that a friend of mine hates most about food blogs. I'm going to make you scroll through all of my words only to find a link to another recipe.  

I've fallen back in love with sourdough and have been making a new loaf once a week. I call it "Stay Home Sourdough" due to the thing everyone can't seem to keep out of the conversation, myself included. Sometimes I improvise with includions or playing with higher hydration, but I always find myself referring back to this recipe by Amy in the Kitchen. In my eyes, it's perfection. 

So there you have it. To everyone who's been asking me what happened to my blog: It's here, it's alive. To answer your much anticipated follow up question: Will I be back? It's possible. I might start with figuring out why the robots have taken over the comment section and why this website won't allow me to post a reply to the actual humans who stop by (so sorry about that by the way). Y'know, just general maintenance. 

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. 

Talk soon, 

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